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We will custom design a pre-retirement seminar for CSRS or FERS employees, mid-career seminars for employees in both systems, or Benefits 101 classes for new FERS employees which include insurance, social security and TSP information.  Multi-day classes include a session on general retirement planning, both financial and personal.

All our seminars come with an additional 30 days of free email questions for seminar participants.

We also have separate short "lunch and learn" type classes in benefits including open season elections for health, flex spending, dental, and vision insurance, as well as managing your TSP, life insurance and other benefits during your career and on into retirement. 

Individual Counseling                                

We specialize in individual retirement estimates for FERS, FERS Transferees, CSRS, and CSRS Offset employees.  We teach you how to compute your total amount including Social Security, FERS Supplement, and TSP with all your options for insurance. We help you maximize the benefits you have worked so hard to earn.  Don't wait until just before retirement to decide on buying civilian or military service credit time, reducing or adjusting life and health insurance. 
Need an explanation of all the new TSP fund administrator's changes to statements and the website?  What about the new ability to actually buy stocks with your TSP? Thinking of adding a Roth TSP or changing from traditional to Roth TSP?  Contact us - just education on how things work - no sales pitches or products.

If you received a notice from your agency or OPM, or suspect you are in the wrong retirement plan (
otherwise known as FERCCA), we will guide you through the maze of making the best long term retirement plan selections under CSRS Offset or FERS, explaining how each selection changes your retirement benefits. We will help you complete waiver of overpayment letters where needed.
Retired at 65 and buried in all those Medicare Ads in the mail and on TV? Get help deciding on adding Medicare B to your current FEHB plan with NO sales pitch.  Remember if you are retired and younger than 65 but a spouse on your FEHB plan turns 65, there are big decisions to be made when that spouse lights 65 candles!

Divorce and Disability Retirement Assistance

We will work with your lawyer to insure your benefits are protected in divorce or review your existing decree prior to retirement. Many attorneys and judges are not familiar with the federal systems. Use of the wrong word or clause in a decree can make you worth more dead than alive!  All divorce decrees and pension/TSP dividing orders are not identical.  TSP no longer accepts the previous TSP form and actually charges your account a fee to divide your account.

We also will work with you, your physicians, and your supervisors to compile a successful disability retirement package for submission to your agency and OPM.  It's lots of explanation and paperwork, not just a couple of lines on a form, but worth the effort if you're hurting and not eligible for an unpenalized retirement.

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