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Request an Individual Consultation

In addition to our already scheduled seminar programs, we can arrange a day of individual consultations in your office, or a personalized benefits review/retirement estimate at our Spokane office  Currently individual consultations all across the country are availablevia phone or Zoom video call. Use the contact us form to send a request to schedule.

To prepare for an individual consultation, you will need a recent pay stub, your latest Social Security Statement, and a current TSP print. If you have temporary service or breaks in service, actual dates of service will be helpful. If you have both traditional and Roth TSP, you will need to print the information from the website which shows balances by taxed source.
If you are a FERCCA employee, you will need all your correspondence from the FERCCA board.
Prior to the consultation you will need to complete and mail/fax/email your completed data gathering worksheet to us. Download and complete the worksheet below, then save it before emailng to in to get things started.

Download Consultation Worksheet

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