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Outline of CSRS Training

Class outline can be customized to include early outs, law enforcement, special retirement plans, and additional social security information.


Outline of Pre-Retirement Class


Presented by Personnel Solutions


Current Employee Issues

            Designation of Beneficiary

            Death Benefits for Spouses

            Death Benefits for Children

            Life Insurance - Viatical Settlement

            Life Insurance - Living Benefits

            Voluntary Contribution Program

Retirement Eligibility

            Eligibility Criteria for All Types of Retirement

            Special Explanation for Deferred, and Disability

            Buying Service Time Deposits and Redeposits

            Military Time - Catch 62 clause

            LWOP, Part Time and other Special Circumstances

            Counting Sick Leave

            Computing Service Time

            Computing Average Salary

            Compute Your Annuity - Regular and Special Groups

            Picking a Date to Retire

            CSRS Offset Computation

            Alternate Form of Annuity

            Cost of Living (COLAs)

            Taxation of Retirement Benefits

            Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP)

            Government Pension Offset (GPO)

            Social Security Earnings Test

Survivor Benefits

            Considerations for Married and Single

            Spouse Equity Act

            Costs of Benefits

            Status Changes after Retirement

Your Federal Insurance Dollar

            Pre and Post Tax

            Flexible Spending Plans

            High Deductible Health Plans

            Federal Life Insurance Options Now and at Retirement

            FEHB in Retirement

            FEHB and Medicare

            Buying Long Term Care (can be separated to run at end of day)

Thrift Savings Plan

            Current Employee Options

                        Catch up

                        Tax Breaks

                        Balancing the Account

                        In-service withdrawals


            After Retirement

                        Withdrawal Options


                        IRS Minimum Distribution Rules

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